Picking The Perfect Domain Name



Photo from Stock That Rocks

One of the most exciting parts about starting your blog or business is choosing a name, and with that, purchasing your domain. But with over 800 million websites out there, you’ll likely have to do some playing around and researching before landing on the perfect domain name. Before you go all nuts on GoDaddy (trust us, we’ve been there–the day we found out how inexpensive domain names can be we went a little crazy), check out our tips for picking the perfect domain name.

Make It Timeless

Whatever name you choose, make sure that it can grow with you, your interests and the direction of your blog. Your blog’s name is one area where we’d suggest NOT trying out a trend. So all those potential names with the words ‘fleek’ and ‘bae’? Toss ’em.

Keep It Simple

Names that are too long are easily forgotten and can be really confusing for readers and fans to remember. Don’t aim for a whole sentence or lengthy phrase in your brand, business or blog’s name–one memorable word packs more punch than a paragraph, trust us.

Aim For A “.com”

We’re firm believers that a site that ends in .com looks more credible than a .org, .net or any other extension. Readers are going to default to .com when searching for your brand or business, so save them the time and trouble and purchase a .com. It’s worth it to spend the extra time brainstorming .com domain names that are available.

Check Your Work

A domain background check is one of the easiest things you can do. Go to this site, and type in your domain name. You’ll get information on who has owned your domain previously,  if it’s ever been blacklisted, and if it’s already owned by someone, you can find out who.

Cover Your Bases

Consider purchasing related domains. For example, if your site is called The Happy Girl, we’d suggest buying not only ‘thehappygirl.com’ but also ‘happygirl.com’ and maybe a few others. That way, if and when your site gets big, you won’t have to deal with people trying to capitalize on domains similar to yours.