Pin Down Your Ideal Audience On Pinterest

Pin Down Your Ideal Audience on Pinterest


We. Love. Pinterest.

It is the perfect place to virtually window shop everything from the lust-worthy camel booties on your “Spring Fashion Inspo” board to what you would like to see on your dinner plate tonight. This beautiful world of square photos is the perfect place to spend an hour (or four) curating your perfect dream house, as well as, being a vital platform to grow your audience base. Pinterest is the third largest social network and only continues to grow, making it a necessity to expand your brand’s visibility and grow your own following. There are many ways to use Pinterest to your brand’s benefit, all of which you need to start doing today!

Add to Your Community

The most important thing you need to be doing on Pinterest is ADDING to the community. Less than one fourth of Pinterest users are actually creating new and unique pins. This means that less than a quarter of the users on the world’s third largest social network are starting any new conversations. Start a conversation! Make sure that your brand’s voice is shouted all across the Pinterest universe and pinned back and forth until the end of time! By transferring the photos, quotes, recipes, etc. from your blog onto Pinterest, you are adding something new into the community that has value. This added value will not only bring attention to you as a user, but also to your website where the content originated from.

View Your Pins As Blog Posts

Now that you are creating pins, be mindful that you are not simply slapping up photo after photo. View all of your pins as mini blog posts. Make sure that your descriptions and captions are appealing and are written in your unique, enticing brand voice. This can be as short and sweet as a line or two as long as it is in your true brand voice. It is also important to make sure that when you post pins (whether they are yours or another person’s), the pins correlate with the correct website links. There is nothing worse than feasting your eyes on a sinfully delicious looking cake only to find out the link doesn’t work. Just like an editorial calendar for your blog, Tailwind can help you to schedule your pins and strategize!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Customize Your Boards

You’ve made the effort to have beautiful photos and wonderfully witty descriptions, therefore you have to make your boards equally as enticing. Organize your boards, make sure all of your boards have a congruent aesthetic, much like your Instagram does. Do not be afraid to consult what similar brands you admire are doing on Pinterest, see what pointers you can take from them and then figure out how to add your own unique twist to that.


Don’t be afraid to diversify! Pinterest is a place for exploration. This platform allows you to step outside of yourself and your brand to make yourself more accessible to people who would possibly not have found you otherwise. If your brand predominately focuses on fitness but you are personally super obsessed with vintage Chanel bags and inspirational quotes from our founding fathers, go for it! The more the merrier in the world of pinning as long as you’re staying true to what inspires you.

As always, it is vital that you actively participate on the platform. By commenting on other people’s pins and thoughtfully engaging with other users, you will not only create new social relationships, but you will regularly pop up in their notification feeds, which will ultimately lead them to your boards and your site.

Speaking of your site, make sure your Pinterest account is visible for everyone to see (it also doesn’t hurt to make your other social accounts visible too!). You want there to be as many ways as possible for your audience to connect with you, no matter which platform they prefer. The more channels you make readily available and attractive to potential new readers, the greater an audience you will attract.