Pinterest’s New Visual Search Tool



We’ve all been there, you’re just going to take a quick five minute break to cruise around Pinterest when you find the bedside lamp of your dreams. Problem is, it’s just in the background of a super fabulous decor photo that you posted to your #livingroomgoals board. You spend the next thirty minutes scouring the world of Pinterest, searching every variation of “copper lamp” you can think of, and still come up with zilch! Thankfully the Pinning gods have answered your prayers and created Pinterest’s new visual search tool.

Now every time you see something in a pin that you would like to buy, learn more about, or simply lust after, you can use the visual search tool and as if by magic be presented with a plethora of visually similar items.

Once you see a product that catches your eye, click on the pin as a whole. When it becomes full screen there will be a new search tool in the upper right hand corner of the pin. It is a square with a magnifying glass in the middle. Click on the search tool and select the portion of the photo that you are interested in. Instantly Pinterest will present you with visually similar results along the right side of the page.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Still not seeing the exact item you are looking for? Narrow your search by filtering your results by topic. There are topics in grey boxes along the top of your photo results. Remove any category that does not fit what you are looking for to clarify your results further.

The search tool does not just work on spectacular copper lamps, it works on every single pin! We are talking about wallpaper, artwork, and quotes. As well as pictures of nature, jewelry, and ridiculously cute puppies! Oh, and did we mention it can also be used to find the exact brand and style name of the fall boots your favorite fashion blogger is wearing. Best part, it will even tell you where you can buy them! As if we needed shoe shopping to get any easier.

So far Pinterest has indexed about a billion of its images for this new search tool. They are working to categorize all of the billions of images currently on their social network overtime. If you are not finding the exact link to that white knit cowl neck sweater you are dying for give them a minute, after all that is billions with a “b”.