Plan Your Weekend With Facebook’s Event Browser

facebook events


All dressed up with nowhere to go? We’ve all been there on a Friday night, ready to start the weekend with no idea where to actually start. Facebook, who transformed your virtual social life, is now here to rescue your face-to-face social life too.

Facebook’s new event browsing function allows you to search for events by date, location and type of event. Want to find a play tomorrow night in L.A.? Facebook’s got your back! They break down the events by categories such as Music, Sports & Fitness, Nightlife, Fine Arts & Crafts, Causes, Performing Arts, Film & Photography, etc. You can then sort by date and location. With potentially 450 million active users posting events, there is an endless potential of events.


You now have some pretty awesome options to fill that Friday night, but if you are still not sure where to start, you can check out the events that Facebook pre-selects based off your profile information. If they missed the mark, you can search the most popular events in your area. To make your planning even simpler, the feature allows you to purchase event tickets in the app and create reminder notifications.

Wait there’s more! You can RSVP, bookmark events for later, add them to your calendar, check in to events and of course, invite your Facebook friends to join you. And if after all that hunting you decide pajamas and Netflix are a better fit, there is no need to feel guilty for bailing. Facebook allows you to show an interest in an event without committing to go.

The initial rollout of this feature only includes 10 major U.S. cities, so keep your eyes peeled for when your city gains access. Your weekends will thank you!

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