Plants for Your Desk



When we were kids, recess was the best part of the day. You could do anything! You could play tag, swing on swings, practice your jump shot, anything! The best part? We were outside—away from the fluorescent lights, arithmetic, and spelling tests.

Now that we’re older, we can relate all too easily to a 9-5 desk job underneath those same fluorescent lights we had as a kid. The biggest change we’ve encountered as an adult? No recess. Even if we’re entertained by our daily duties, sometimes, we just want to sit outside for a bit and remember what it’s like to be in the “real world.”

For those of us who can’t take a stroll outside at our leisure, it helps to have something in the office that reminds us there is a world outside our office walls. While a pair of headphones can give us a funky beat to bop our heads to and a personalized coffee mug can remind us of our favorite reading nook at home, there’s something quaint about looking over and seeing a sweet little succulent sitting on your desk.


Having a living object in the office is sometimes just the pick-me-up we need during the day. Not to mention, a tiny tree can revive any old desk! Whether you choose a western cactus, a photogenic succulent, or a zen bonsai tree, all are perfect candidates for incorporating plants for your desk!

Cactus Globe Terrarium

Bromeliads Teardrop Terrarium

Baby Cactus w/Arizona Sun Pots

Fairy Garden Plants

Potted Aloe Plants

Juniper Bonsai Tree