Powerful Ways You Can Learn From Your Competition

Powerful Ways You Can Learn From Your Competition - Bloguettes


Powerful Ways You Can Learn From Your Competition - Bloguettes: Competition doesn't have to be Regina George-style sabotage. Learning to view your competition as someone you admire changes things completely! See how to view your competitors in a different light and learn from them!

Competition doesn’t have to be a Regina George-style takedown of anyone who gets in your way. Although believing that an all carb diet is the key to staying fit would be delightful, there are far better (and more truthful) lessons we can learn from even our greatest adversary.

Competition is a good thing as long as you view your competition as people you can learn from, rather than people that are holding you back. It is these relationships that force us to constantly change, grow and adapt, keeping us from getting stuck in a familiar comfort zone that yields no growth. Here are a few simple tips to turn an adversary into an aide!

View your competitors as people you can learn from, rather than people who are holding you back.

Understand, Don’t Duplicate

Imitation might be known as the best form of flattery in some circles but copying your competition in the blogging world is not. Copying your competition’s brand, product, perspective or voice, offers your readers no new perspective or value. Rather than plagiarizing an original thought, take a minute to understand why it is you like the ideas so much. Does the idea make you think of something deeper? Does the way it is written offer you an intimate window into the life of the blogger? Does it simply make you laugh? Understanding what your competition is doing allows you to learn what aspects of their work inspire you and what areas in your own blog you would like to strengthen.


Listen to their consumers, readers, subscribers, clients, etc. There is no better insight into your competition than listening to the people that faithfully follow them. Read through the comments and see what aspects they absolutely love and what they would like your competition to be better at. Learning firsthand from your competitor’s consumer base will give you unique insight into the way adoring eyes view your competition. This insight will also teach you how to proactively solve the issues that clients find with your competitors for your own blog.


A true competitor is someone you should ultimately admire. Respecting your competition allows you to learn from them rather than feeling like their success and good ideas take away from your own. So tune into them, subscribe to their content and learn from it. Digesting content that inspires you every day and regularly having an, “Ugh- what an amazing idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!” moment every now and again is a good thing. Keeping a watchful–yet respectful–eye on your competition keeps you honest and hungry.

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