Prynt: The Instant Printer For Smartphones



The idea of printed photos have become somewhat of a lost art. Don’t get us wrong. There are ways to print your photos, but the process is a bit…shall we say, old-fashioned. That is, until now.

Welcome the Prynt case. In such a digital world, it’s about time someone invented the perfect blend of old school print and new age technology. So, what is it exactly? The Prynt case is the first ever instant camera for smartphones. Attach your phone, snap (or choose) a pic, and the image is printed in seconds. If you think the idea sounds similar to the Polaroid or Instax, keep reading.

Say farewell to bad lighting and off-center photos! Using the Prynt case takes the guesswork out of how your picture will turn out because you use your phone to view and take the picture. No more wasted prints!

If that’s not enough, Prynt has also incorporated augmented reality. The app has the ability to take and store a video while posing for your close-up. Hover your phone over the print to scan the image and the video will play on screen.

The Prynt case is available in classic black, snow white, baby blue, and bubblegum pink. See how the project evolved raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter or pre-order the Prynt case now!