Reagan’s Favorite Social Media Management Tool: Trello

Reagan's Favorite Social Media Management Tool: Trello


Reagan's Favorite Social Media Management Tool: Trello - Bloguettes

Planning out social media posts for the week is no easy task! That’s why our Marketing Assistant Reagan is an expert when it comes to knowing the best social media management tools out there. Read along as Reagan tells you all about her favorite social media management tool as well as how she uses it here at Bloguettes!

What is Trello?

Trello is a collaboration board that allows you to organize your projects into one space. Here at Bloguettes, we use it to plan out our social media posting strategy for the week! One of the biggest benefits of Trello is the collaboration aspect and how multiple people can be working on different things within the board. Trello makes it really easy to stay organized by letting you name your board as well as the individual projects within the board.

At Bloguettes, since we break it down by week, an example of our board name would be “12/26-01/03” and then within the board, we label each day such as “Monday 12/26”. This makes it so easy to keep track of everything going on throughout the week!

Reagan's Favorite Social Media Management Tool

Another great aspect of Trello is the organization that is built into the tool itself. You can color coordinate individual things within the board as well as star the board you’re currently working on or one you want easy access to. This helps keep everything organized and it’s always fun to color coordinate!

Why I Love It

With so many social media channels being used on a daily basis, keeping everything organized and managed is not an easy task! Out of all the social media management tools, Trello is by far the easiest and most convenient to use. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan out posts for a month, but since Trello gives you planning freedom, it’s a lot easier to take on a week.

Another reason to love Trello is how easily accessible it is. You can access it on your computer or your phone using the Trello mobile app! The app is just like the website, so it’s the same, easy to use tool but just on the go! Having all of our social media posts for the week in one area is such a time saver and it keeps us organized while trying to balance the constantly changing world of social media!

If you love planning and organizing things, Trello is a tool I would highly recommend. With the new year in full swing, I’m excited to see what other social media management tools will be created but also which social media channels will continue to be powerful throughout the year or if any will fall off. It’s always important to stay organized, especially when it comes to social media!

What are some of your favorite social media management tools? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow us on Bloglovin’!