Replace Your Scanners With The Genius Scan App

Replace Your Scanners With The Genius Scan App - Bloguettes


Replace Your Scanners With The Genius Scan App - Bloguettes: No need for a bulky old scanner anymore! Keep the Genius Scan app on your phone and wherever you go, you'll have a portable scanner for all those important documents!

Setting up a home office is no easy feat. Assembling furniture, setting up a wireless router and linking all of your tech devices can result in days of struggling and frustration. Not to mention, it can cost a pretty penny to get every device you might need. Computers, printers and fax machines aren’t cheap. Fortunately, there is a way to save on one of the most important tools in any office: the scanner.

Instead of spending precious time and money purchasing and setting up a printer, download Genius Scan instead. It is an app that will cost you nothing to download and can scan any document with ease. All you do is take a picture of your document and watch the app turn it into a scanned document. Instead of looking like a photo, it will look like you actually scanned it.


You can “scan” multiple documents and save them in a group. This works especially well for multiple pages of a contract or a series of receipts. No more struggling to arrange your expense reports! You can scan all of your receipts when you are on a business trip for easy reporting to your accounting department. Or if you are an entrepreneur, scan any business expenses you plan to write off come tax time and use the tagging feature to keep track of them. At the end of the year, just look up any scans you tagged “expenses.”

This app is also the perfect solution for staying clutter-free. Not only can you toss documents and receipts you have scanned, but clutter-inducing things like business cards are also easily scanned and stored. Once scanned, there is a variety of options for sending, uploading and printing your scans.

Genius Scan is available to download for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. So skip the scanner and use this app to keep you organized in the office and on the go!

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