How to Repurpose Snapchat and Instagram Story Content



How to Repurpose Snapchat and Instagram Story Content Bloguettes

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It’s safe to say that the world we live in is nothing shy of  busy. Time is something that is so precious nowadays, especially if you are a blogging mom on the go, or a student who is working on forming their own blog. So if you struggle with making time to keep your content going while on the move, there is something you have got to know: you can repurpose your Snapchat and Instagram story content. This is not some crazy, time consuming task, yet something that is meant to save you time!

How to Repurpose Snapchat and Instagram Story Content

Scheduling and planning your content is an incredible tool. You can have things laid out in advance, and then when the time comes, just hit record, or snap the pic!

Remember to have fun and stay creative with your stories. Think about what would be entertaining to you while you are swiping through your feed! As a blogger, what content would keep you engaged? Each time you record a story, answer that question!

Another important factor to keep in mind is the timing of your post!  Be sure that the time you are posting is a time that your audience is online. This will ensure that your audience engagement is reaching it’s full potential.

Recording the Story and Snapping the Photo

Now it’s time for the fun part… getting the content!

If you have ever tried to record a video for your story of yourself, you are most likely aware that this could be awkward or uncomfortable at first. It feels like some days, you record 27 different time until you feel comfortable enough to share the video on your account.

However, don’t fear, because we have got a few ways to ensure that your story is looking fabulous after just one or two takes!

First of all, find some natural lighting. If you’re filming a story, your audience wants to be able to see your face! So make sure the lighting is on your side. If you have something to tell your audience, you should definitely give your topic a glance for a second so you can give your audience the run down in just one take.

While recording a video, try to speak loud enough and clear enough to get your point across. It may seem self explanatory, but keep the content interesting. Use the features of a story to your full advantage by throwing in some cute stickers and filters! This is such a great way to let your personality show through your story.

Repurposing Your Content

Saving your stories or photos is so important. This means you don’t have to take 4 different pictures or record 4 different videos to get that content up and live on multiple accounts. Your brand can be cohesive by recording the same video and including it on your Facebook, your Pinterest, your Instagram, your Twitter, and your Snapchat.


If you wondering how this is possible, we have answers for you. Use the save feature to add the image or video to your camera roll. You can also use the save story feature on Instagram. Once your content is stored on your camera roll, you can post away on any site!

When you share your story to Facebook, be sure to include a link to the post in the caption so your audience has no trouble searching for your post or product.

Repurposing Your Content for Pinterest

Above, you can see the content posted on both an Instagram story and on Pinterest. This is done by simply saving the story for your Instagram account and then reposting it to pinterest. Once you share it on Pinterest, be sure to link your website to the pin!

Tip: Market your blog posts on many different platforms after it is published!

Using Snapchat

When marketing your content on Snapchat, you can use an Insta-story that you have saved! This is done by selecting the image from your camera roll while on Snapchat.

Tip: Link your blog post that you are marketing to the Snap by using the link feature on the right menu bar.


Wondering how we create our Instagram Story videos at Bloguettes? Watch the video below!