Search And Explore On Instagram



As self-proclaimed social media nerds, few things excite us more than hearing that Instagram, on of our most beloved apps, has rolled out a new update. Most of the time the updates are along the lines of bug fixes, small changes to the interface, and the like. But THIS. This guys, is huge, and if we may say so, something we’ve been waiting for Instagram to roll out for some time now.

Previously the Explore page was where you could find content that was curated to fit your taste, based on other users you follow and posts you’ve liked. While that feature still exists, Instagram has made it even easier to find new accounts to follow, see events happening in real-time, and search for posts taken at a certain location.

Back in the day (as in, yesterday), your best bet at creeping all the pictures from the NBA Finals or New York Fashion Week was to hashtag search and do your best to follow the accounts you assumed would be offering the best coverage. Similar to how Snapchat chooses a few trending events to highlight on their daily feed, Instagram will now cull images from an event and feature them on the Explore page.

The new Explore page also makes it easy to discover trending tags, for example, #FathersDay or #4thofjuly. By clicking on a trending tag, you’ll not only see the most popular photos with that tag, but you’ll also see the most recent posts, enabling all users to share the most up-to-date imagery and information with the Instagram community.

Perhaps our favorite feature though, is the ability to search places. Recently we were in Dallas for our two-day branding workshop, and when it came time to feed ourselves we unabashedly took to our Instagram feeds. Gone are the days of, “Oh yeah, my co-worker mentioned that place.” We wanted to SEE the food at that very moment, on our phones, before committing to a dinner spot. And with Instagram’s latest update, now you can. Search a location, whether it be a national monument, a store you’ve been wanting to check out or the restaurant down the street, and you’ll be given a glimpse of what the place is all about. SO COOL!

As if our addictions to our Insta feeds weren’t bad enough. We see a whole lot of Search and Exploring in our futures. What about you?