Seattle Workshop Recap: April 18 & 19



Last month we took the Bloguettes Two-Day Branding Workshop to Seattle for the very first time, and we’ve gotta say, we can’t wait to go back! Workshop weekends keep us pretty busy (we’re in, we meet a ton of awesome people over the course of two days, and then we’re out) so unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of down time to explore the cities we visit. However, the places we did get to check out while in Seattle (Pike Place Market was UNREAL) left us itching to get another trip on the books very soon.

Here are a few pictures from our time in Seattle and a little recap of what went down during the workshop, if you’d like to see. And as always, you can head over to our gallery to see more!

SeattleWorkshop-4 SeattleWorkshop-7Maker’s Space is a co-working space in Seattle, and proved to be a perfect venue for our workshop. Not only were they super welcoming and accommodating, their space is downright beautiful.SeattleWorkshop-8A Bloguettes workshop isn’t complete without Zico. We’ve been so fortunate to have their coconut water, smoothies and snacks at our workshops.SeattleWorkshop-9 SeattleWorkshop-10 SeattleWorkshop-18All greenery provided throughout the workshop was created specially for Bloguettes by Floressence. We loved it all, especially the moss-covered “YAY” letters. SeattleWorkshop-21 SeattleWorkshop-24Pink goody bags! These were from our workshop sponsor Camp Moxie, and provided the perfect pop of color. How can you NOT love a bright pink bag that says “This makes me happy”? Impossible. SeattleWorkshop-29SeattleWorkshop-14 SeattleWorkshop-32We love seeing how our students style their Bloguettes tees! Over a striped dress? Who would’ve thought? Totally genius. Grab your own tee here.SeattleWorkshop-23 SeattleWorkshop-9SeattleWorkshop-17SeattleWorkshop-3 SeattleWorkshop-8Anything for the picture!