The Secret To How Brands Pick Blogger Ambassadors

The Secret To How Brands Choose Blogger Ambassadors - Bloguettes


Blogging has become a beloved pastime by many and for good reason! A blog is a platform to share your passions with like-minded individuals, can be creatively rewarding and can even make you money. There are a few ways to make money off of a blog such as advertisements or affiliate links, but one of the most lucrative ways is through partnering with brands. Working with a brand may seem like an unattainable goal, but it’s really not if you know what they are looking for!

Appear as Professional As Possible

When you work with a brand, you are representing them in a way. That’s why it’s important for your blog to appear as professional as possible. This means a polished design, well-written content and high-quality images. Be sure to keep your blog free of anything that could majorly offend or embarrass a brand. Dedicate a page to contact info and make it clear that you are open to collaborations.

Have a Name and Face

Many have blogged anonymously, but not many anonymous bloggers have caught the eye of major brands. Brands need to know who they are going to be working with, so provide your name and a photo of yourself. This does not mean you have to constantly divulge details about your personal life, but have just enough so a brand knows there is a real person behind the blog. One way to do this is by having a succinct and personable About Me page. Not only will this potentially attract brands, it can also help you gain (and maintain) loyal followers as well.

Have a Loyal Blog Following

Those loyal followers we mentioned will be the biggest point of attraction to any brand. Brands can only spend money where they will see a return and the more engaged your followers are, the better! Encourage them to join the discussion in the comments in order to show brands that your readers care about your content.

Brands only spend money when they're sure they'll see a return. The more engaged your followers are, the better chance you'll have at working with brands.

Have a Strong Social Media Following

Marketing is a really important part of growing your blog following and can also help convince a brand to work with you. Social media marketing is the best way to grow a blog and is a major way to connect with a brand. Nowadays, brands work with bloggers on sponsored posts and social media campaigns just as much as they do with the blog itself. Having a strong social media following is helpful all the way around!

Have a Consistent Brand

Branding is something we take very seriously at Bloguettes, so keep your brand on point to entice the best brands! Make sure that your blog, social media accounts and marketing materials are all cohesive. Knowing what your brand is and being able to communicate that clearly will help brands know if you are a good fit for them. For example, a health food store is more likely to partner with a blogger who always shares healthy recipes, exercise tips and all-natural beauty routines than a blogger who posts about deep fried treats!

Create a Killer Media Kit

A media kit, or press kit, is basically the only time it’s appropriate and necessary to brag like crazy. Create a professional and polished kit that displays your blog’s accomplishments. Describe your blog, share the history, your mission and anything else that gives the reader a sense of who you are. Share recent press and publicity, a list of frequently asked questions and stats about followers, pageviews and engagement. Use your kit as an argument for why a media outlet should cover you or why a brand should want to work with you.

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Branding Your Instagram and Perfecting Your Grid

The Secret To How Brands Choose Blogger Ambassadors - Bloguettes: Brands don't just pick any blogger ambassadors to represent them and their products. See the things brands specifically look at before choosing a partner!