Self-Encouragement For The Discouraged Entrepreneur

Self-Encouragement For The Discouraged Entrepreneur - Bloguettes


As much as we’d love a life full of sunshine and rainbows, real life has some bumps in the road. Let us help you to keep swimming and keep you and your business afloat with these tips!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Chances are, your circumstances are already putting you in a tough spot. Constant reminders of how awful things are doesn’t make anything any better, especially when you’re pointing the finger at yourself. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but we’re all our own worst critics, and it pays off to cut yourself some slack every once in awhile. Don’t judge yourself for feeling down, either. It’s all a part of the process of getting back on your feet!

Set Smaller Goals

There’s a reason your New Year’s resolutions rarely pan out by December 31st. We get a bit too ambitious and, being an entrepreneur, you’re probably especially susceptible to this. As hesitant as you may be, it’s beneficial to break things down a bit. Instead of saying “I’m going to come to work an hour early every day this week,” break it down to “I’m going to come to work an hour early two days this week,” and then even more to “I’m going to come to work 15 minutes early two days this week.” Setting stepping stones for yourself makes your goals all the more attainable, and you can give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing them!

Give Yourself A Good Ol’ Pep Talk

Mirrors are great for checking your hair and picking unwanted leftovers out of your teeth, but there’s also those times when you just need to get real with yourself. You might feel super awkward and cheesy, but seriously, just take a look at yourself and verbally remind your reflection how awesome you are. Highlight your accomplishments. Your fabulous qualities. The people who love you. It’s easy to drown in self-pity when you have a slip up, but in order to keep moving and keep yourself sane, you have to be your own best advocate. You deserve it.

Distract Yourself

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. If you need some ideas for good ways to refocus on something positive, we’ve got you covered! A lot of the time, taking time to focus your brain power elsewhere is just what you need to lift yourself up and get back in the groove. It’s hard to move forward and be productive if you aren’t feeling motivated, so give your brain a break!

Take A Trip

Speaking of distraction, what better way to rejuvenate then a walk on the beach? Consider booking a little staycation and make relaxation your only mission. Even if you dedicate a day at home solely to things you want to do (tasks & responsibilities not included), you’ll be ready to get back on your grind as a new and improved person. You-time is critical in remembering what you are first and foremost–a human being who deserves some self-care! Also, you never know, you might even find some creative inspiration during your journey, giving you an extra boost when you return to the office!

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