Shipping Made Easy With the Shyp App

eBay Shyp App


Making bank selling items on eBay is exciting, standing in line at the post office is not. Shyp’s newly launched eBay integration is here to bridge the gap for you, introducing effortless shipping for eBay sellers.

Shyp recently launched an eBay integration making it more convenient than ever to sell your items and products on eBay. This new tool offers Shyp’s users an easy, optimized and shockingly low cost, selling experience.

You’ve just made a sale on eBay (yay!) but you are completely slammed and have no time to make it to the post office to ship out the order. Simply download the Shyp app and connect your eBay account. Shyp will then show you an itemized list of all the things you have recently sold allowing you to select what item or items you would like them to ship out on your behalf.  Shyp will then take into account the size and weight of your item so that they can compare all current companies to find you the lowest shipping rate.

Then BAM within twenty minutes a member of the Shyp team will arrive at your doorstep to collect your sold item. From here Shyp professionally packs your item for you using their custom materials and takes it to the best priced carrier that suits your delivery needs. As soon as Shyp sends out your package they go the extra mile for you and will automatically update your eBay listing with the tracking information so that you and your buyer knows their shipment is on the way.

Need yet another reason to try out Shyp for your eBay sales? Shyp is currently waiving their usual $5 fee for all eBay shipments until January 31st. Which means enlisting Shyp to send out your eBay sales will not only save you the headache of properly packing up your item and waiting in line to mail it out. But it will cost the exact same, or less if you account for your time saved than it would if you were to send it out yourself. Seeing as time is money Shyp is a wonderful option for any busy blogger on the go!