Shoppable Instagram Posts: What You Need to Know

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Shoppable Instagram Posts: What You Need to Know


Shoppable Instagram Posts: What You Need to Know - Bloguettes

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Watch out fashion fanatics…Instagram just got dangerous! Much like ShopStyle on Pinterest, Instagram’s newest feature allows items in posts to be tagged and instantly shoppable. When announcing the update, Instagram said that they created the feature to allow retailers to tag unpaid posts with product names, prices and details, creating a better shopping experience on the photo-sharing platform!

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to the new update:

How Do Shoppable Instagram Posts Work?

When scrolling through your Insta feed, you will now see a small icon in the bottom left corner of posts, similar to the one that appears when people are tagged. This signals that at least one item depicted is shoppable through the featured retailer. When the icon is tapped, it will pull up the information for each tagged product, such item name as price. As of right now, up to five of the retailer’s products can be tagged in one image. Handy, right?

Shoppable Instagram Posts: What You Need to Know

When you select a tagged product you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to a product gallery that gives further detail on each product. Should you want to go forward and actually purchase an item, you just click the “shop now” button. This will transfer you to the product page directly on that retailer’s mobile site to buy. It’s that easy!

Testing, Testing!

Instagram says shoppable tags will eventually expand to video posts and photo carousels as well. As this concept is still in a testing phase, there’s a handful of brands who get to use this feature for now, including Abercombie & Fitch, BaubleBar, Coach, Hollister,  JackThreads, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Levi’s Brand, Lulus, Macy’s, Michael Kors, MVMT Watches, Tory Burch, Warby Parker, and Shopbop.

Instagram hopes to make the feature available to more brands over time, and allow them to generate their own product pages instead of manually sending Instagram’s team the materials as it works now.

Wait for it…

Brands should still be excited for this upcoming feature, even if they have to wait for it. With these shoppable tags, they won’t have to resort to awkward “check link in bio” captions on their pics to make sales. Instagram heard your requests to make themselves more “brand friendly,” and they’re making it happen!

What Retailers, Brands, and Influencers Need to Know!

As of right now, only business accounts on Instagram have the ability to link to product pages through tagged items in their posts. This means that even when a brand hires a social media influencer to push a product, the product will only be shoppable on the brand’s own account, not the account of the influencer.

On the other hand, shoppers should know that once the product pages load inside Instagram, they show up faster than switching to a browser. So, checking out merchandise is no big ordeal! If you click a tagged item and the details don’t make you feel obligated to whip out your wallet, you can simply tap back to your original feed. 

Fair warning, though–if an actual purchase is going to be made from a shoppable Instagram post, users are transported out of the app and to the retailer’s mobile site. Insta wants to make it clear to users who partake in this experience that if a slower website experience causes the customer to drop the purchase, that’s on the retailer and not the ‘gram. The reason for shoppable posts linking directly to the retailer site is simply because retailers are more comfortable handling purchases on their own grounds. 

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Shoppable Instagram Posts: What You Need to Know - Bloguettes