iOS 8.3 Update: Siri’s New Voice



If you’ve already downloaded Apple’s most recent iOS 8.3 update, we can almost guarantee you’re using your new emojis in that text to your bff right now. What you may not have noticed about the software update is Siri’s new voice.

The latest version has made Siri’s voice more humanlike. Instead of her previous robotic, choppy sounding responses, Siri’s upgrade helps her reply with more fluidity. To the unknowing ear, the modification won’t be astronomical. According to one review, however, you can specifically hear the difference when Siri says the words “potato” and “America.”

Speaking of good old ‘Murica, new accents from different countries have also been added. Siri’s list of languages now offer Indian and New Zealand accents allowing Kiwis around the world to freely say “six” without being mistaken for something much more, ahem…naughty? To check out all the accent options, go to your phone’s general settings, click Siri, and then Language to choose a voice setting. Here at the Bloguettes studio, we get a real kick out of having Siri sound like a suave English gentleman.

Let us know what you think! Does Siri sound any different to you?