Snacks To Stash At Your Desk



When it comes to snacking throughout the workday, we’re somewhere between a donut and a juice cleanse. We do our best to make the healthiest possible choice when we can, but if someone comes in with cupcakes, we’re having a cupcake. And at the Bloguettes Studio, it seems like there’s almost always something to celebrate (National Donut Day, anyone?) and the treats to go along with it.

But a girl can’t subsist on sugar alone (we wish). The easiest way to snack smart is keep the healthy stuff at your desk–it takes just a little bit of planning, and a couple of cute containers. PBTeen makes some great ones that are compact, easy to clean and best of all, they’re on sale! Here are a few of our favorite healthy snack-while-you-work options:


Carrots and Hummus

Let’s be real, a carrot will never taste anything like a donut (sorry, it’s the truth), but dress it up with a little hummus and you’ve got a snack with substance. Throw the two into this ingenious container, which separates your dip from your dippers. We’re impartial to Trader Joe’s Beet Hummus–half because it tastes really good, and half because, IT’S PINK.

Dried Fruit

Few things are worse than throwing a banana in your bag and forgetting about it. Best case, you end up with a horribly bruised banana (gross), and worst case, pureed banana all over your keys, wallet and iPhone (really gross). Dried fruit is your answer. It will never betray you, and won’t go bad for a very long time. We love Bare Natural Apple Chips for their plethora of flavors!

String Cheese and a PB&J

There’s a reason why this combo has remained a favorite since the Pre-K days. It’s easy, tastes great, and requires almost no effort. For the girls who say they can’t cook, this lunch is for you.

Trail Mix

As the name would imply, trail mix is the snack that goes anywhere. Perfect for throwing in your bag or desk drawer, trail mix won’t turn on you days later if you happen to forget about it. Yes this is a post on making healthy choices, but we are gonna recommend that you choose something with chocolate in it, because, YOLO.

Meal Replacement Bars

While we always advocate for taking breaks throughout the day, there are of course those days when you’re Girl Boss-ing it so hard that you’ve worked clear through lunch. Enter, the meal replacement bar. Enough calories to keep you going, but small enough to keep in your top drawer. Our favorite are the LUNA Bars in Lemon Zest.