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2016 is finally here, but we still find ourselves annoyingly scratching out 2015 when we happen to write out our dates. Clearly, we haven’t made the full and final switch over in the new year, which in this case, is totally fine. Today on the blog, we’re going over some of the social media buzz and updates you might have missed in 2015!

Facebook’s News App: Notify

Facebook News App Notify

Here’s the problem with the Facebook news feed–it’s not actually news. We adore the latest updates from our nearest and dearest, but when it comes to learning about what’s happening in the world we need a little more than what our Facebook feed can offer. But who are we kidding?! It was only a matter of time until Facebook’s internet domination spread to news.

Facebook recently launched Notify, an app that delivers breaking news through notifications on your iPhone. The app enables you to choose exactly what kind of news you want to receive and who you want to receive it from. Now instead of weeding through Facebook, Twitter and all of your favorite news sites, you can have all of your updates at your fingertips. Literally, as soon as your pick up your phone you will see the latest news stories on your lockscreen.

In addition to news, you can get updates on the weather, upcoming movie times, sports scores and more. You can subscribe to traditional news sources such as CNN and the New York Times or ones geared towards your interests like Vogue or Wired. Once you choose your favorite publications, the app will start suggesting sites you may like to follow. If you don’t have time to read a story that catches your eye, you can always bookmark it for later. And if you find your notifications piling up throughout the day, you can check out the app’s news feed instead. See a story you know a friend would be interested in? Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, a not so surprising feature of the app!

Vine Introduces Remix Update

Vine Remix

Sometimes a new invention or product is so obvious that you can’t help but think, why didn’t I think of that?! We thought it when Reese’s introduced their chocolate peanut butter spread and now Vine’s newest feature has us thinking it again. Remixes and remakes have taken over Vine, so it comes as no surprise that Vine has embraced this trend with it’s new remix feature. Now you can take audio from any Vine on the network and mix it with any video you take.

To make a remix all you have to do is tap “…” under a Vine and then tap “Make an audio remix.” You will automatically be taken to your camera where the audio will be ready to use. You can then touch the screen to record or import a video from your camera roll to make a Vine as you always would.

If you didn’t think this new update could get any better, you were wrong. You can now search for Vines using a particular audio clip or song. This way you can see all the remixes of Vines you love. The remixing feature also gives credit where credit is due. When someone uses the new audio tool to make a vine, the source is displayed. This means you will always be able to see the original Vine from which a remix was created. To see the source and other remixes of the Vine you are watching, tap the music note under the video and then the arrow that points to the right. The new search updates are currently available on iOS and Android and the creation tool is available on iOS.

Facebook Collages & Video Streaming

Facebook Update Live Streaming

As far as social media goes, Facebook is pretty old school. It’s become a classic, like vanilla ice cream. And while we still adore it, sometimes we want to mix things up with say some hot fudge? What can we say, we Bloguettes love our sweets! Luckily, Facebook is very aware of their need to stay current as they have new competitors popping up every day. We’re looking at you Periscope.

Facebook recently launched two new features that will let you be a little more creative with your posting. You can now stream live video, a feature previously reserved for celebrities, and create photo collages. The live video, simply called “Live,” allows you to share videos with your friends in real time no matter where you are. To share a live stream, you tap on “Update Status” and then select the “Live Video” icon. You have the option of writing a description and you can choose the audience you want to share with. During the broadcast you will see the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are tuning in and a real-time stream of comments. When your broadcast is over, it will be saved on your account like any other video. The “Live” feeds will appear on your News Feed and you can subscribe to be notified when certain friends or public figures start a broadcast. Currently, Facebook is still in the testing process for “Live”. They are starting testing with a small percentage of people in the US on iPhones.

If photos are more your style, check out the new photo collage option. You can group photos or videos taken by your phone camera into a scrolling, moving collage. If you tap on “Photo,” you will see recent moments from your camera roll organized into collages based on when and where they were taken. You can then edit the collage by adding, removing or re-arranging the photos and videos that you want to include. “Collages” are available on the iPhone now and will be introduced on Android early next year.

Which new Facebook feature are you most excited about?!

Facebook Update Collage