Social Media Updates You Might’ve Missed: December 2017



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Just like that, 2017 is coming to a close!

So much has happened in the social media world this past year. Can you believe Instagram Story Polls weren’t a thing until 2017? Neither can we.

To keep your social media game in tip-top shape, we’ve rounded up the most notable updates from this past month. Check ‘em out below!


Share Live Videos Through Direct Messages

In the past few months, Instagram has been adding more and more features to Direct Messages, and the latest one is the ability to share your live videos through a DM! In addition to being able to do this with your own live video, you can share a live video you’re watching with your friends so they can tune in, too.

So how will this new feature come in handy? An example that comes to mind is if you’re partnering with a brand and doing a live unboxing on your Instagram. If you want the brand to tune in live, you can simply share it with them through a DM!


Hashtag Following

Ever find yourself scrolling through certain hashtags? Well, now you can follow them! By following a hashtag, top posts and Stories about the topic will now appear on your newsfeed. Rather than having to use search or the Explore tab, you can see the best #darlingweekend posts in your newsfeed, no matter who posts them.

Direct Messaging App

It seems like Instagram is always developing new features behind-the-scenes, and they’ve recently alluded to the launch of a standalone direct messaging app!

So why do this if direct messaging features are already available within Instagram? Well, word on the street is that this new app will be a lot like Snapchat–you’ll have the ability to create and share Stories with fun filters and other creative tools. The appeal to using this over Snapchat is that your contacts from Instagram will already be imported, so you don’t have to start building your community from scratch.

Instagram hasn’t released much more details than that, but we can expect to see the launch of this app sometime in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled!


Archive and Highlight Your Favorite Stories

This is an update we’ve been loving here at Bloguettes! Starting now, Instagram Stories will now automatically archive your Stories to a private part of your profile when they disappear 24 hours after being posted. Then, you have the ability to create Story Highlights, which are named collections of your past Stories that show up in a new horizontal bar across the top of your profile.

We think this feature will benefit everyone, especially businesses! It’s a great way to showcase what your brand is about and recycle that Story content you worked so hard to make. We love seeing how everyone is putting this feature to use!

Recommended Posts

Another feature that’s in testing and has created buzz in the Instagram world is a ‘recommended for you’ section within your feed. IG is always looking for new ways to connect users to great content, and this feature would display photos your friends have liked in your feed. It’s yet to be seen if this new feature will be added, but it seems like it would make sense as you can now follow hashtags!

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Rights Manager

Rights Manager is one of the many content management tools available within Facebook, and it’s now a feature in Instagram. Essentially, this tool allows copyright owners to protect and manage the rights to their videos and audio on the platform. All you have to do is upload a library of videos you want to protect!


Prevent Unwanted Friend Requests and Messages

It’s no secret that there are both pros and cons to using social media–one of the big cons being harassment and bullying. So, in an effort to keep this to a minimum, Facebook is rolling out a feature that will prevent unwanted friend requests and messages.

Essentially, this feature is designed to stop harassers who create multiple fake accounts to contact people. As a second part of this update, Facebook also now allows you to ignore conversations, which turns off notifications from the conversation and moves it into your filtered messages folder. If you want to read the messages, you can do so without the sender knowing you’ve read them.

Face Recognition

Looks like the iPhone X isn’t the only one making use of face recognition! This month, Facebook launched a feature called Photo Review that will alert you when your face shows up in newly posted photos so you can tag yourself, leave it be, ask the uploader to take the photo down, or report it to Facebook.

The idea behind this update is that it will give you peace of mind knowing there aren’t photos of you floating around that you haven’t seen!

Snooze Button

Ever get overwhelmed by the amount of content in your newsfeed? Facebook has launched a ‘Snooze’ button that will allow you to mute content from a person, Page or group for 30 days.This allows you to filter out the content you don’t want to see without having to unfollow or unfriend someone.

Import IG Contacts Into Messenger

If you’re a loyal user of Facebook Messenger, you’ll love this new update. You can now bring your Instagram contacts into Messenger! After releasing a feature that allows you to cross-promote your Instagram Stories on FB, it only makes sense to be able to sync your contacts within Messenger.


New ‘Our Story’ Feature

Facebook’s new ‘Our Story’ feature is perfect for brands–admins and page owners can now upload photos, format text, and include links to tell people more about their business or brand. The format looks similar to a blog post!



Ever heard of a tweetstorm? Essentially, it’s a series of connected tweets that have grown to become a popular workaround for getting past Twitter’s character limitation, so you can share longer thoughts.

Twitter has listened to its users and has rolled out its new ‘Thread’ feature, which offers a plus (“+”) button in the composer screen where you can type out your series of tweets. So, it makes it much easier to share multiple tweets at once (let the tweetstorms rage on!).

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Augmented Reality

Is the 3D dancing hotdog your fave Snapchat filter? Well, now you can make your own version!

This month, Snapchat launched the Lens Studio AR developer tool for desktops so anyone can create lenses with interactive, imaginary 3D objects in your photos and videos. However, keep in mind that Snapchat won’t display these Community Lenses in its camera unless businesses pay a partnered creative agency to build them a special effect and then buy Sponsored Lens ads from Snap.



YouTube is launching its own version of Stories called ‘Reels!’ The idea behind this is that creators can express themselves and engage their followers without having to post a full. YouTubers can now shoot 30-second long videos and add filters, music, text, and stickers.

The best part? These videos won’t expire, and they’ll live in their own tab on the creator’s channel. We can’t wait to see this new feature come to life!

What were your fave social media updates from this past month? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of our latest posts.