Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: October 2017



Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed October 2017 - Bloguettes

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October is a season filled with so many of our favorite things. From pumpkin spice lattes to trips to the pumpkin patch, this month has been nothing shy of exciting. However, there’s more than just cute fall photos filling our phone screens–a ton has been happening in the social media world! Keep on reading to get the scoop on all of the latest and greatest updates:

Social Media Updates: October 2017


Instagram Story Polls
Instagram launched Story Polls and they are now being used on the daily! Bloggers are using these to get some feedback for future posts and ‘grammers are using these to make decisions on what to wear or eat!

Facebook + Instagram Stories

Let’s be real…Facebook Stories were not taking off at first. However, we think this is all about to change! You can now sync your Instagram Stories to Facebook, allowing you to get your content in front of more eyes. When you go to post your IG Story, there will be a share button right below the button that says “your story.” From here, you can share it to FB!

Shopify’s Instagram Shopping Feature 

Shopify’s new Instagram shopping feature allows for products to be tagged and essentially “shoppable” in your IG posts. So now, customers can make purchases without ever having to leave the Instagram app and you can monetize your grid! This feature is still in testing with a select few brands, but they’re planning to release it to everyone soon.


Workplace Chat

Facebook Workplace was launched as a desktop app a few months ago. The tool has really taken off, so FB has taken customer feedback and made some changes! The application will allow users to share their screen with coworkers in order to work in a more collaborative way.

Here’s a breakdown of how to use the new feature:


Subscription Support for Instant Articles

Publishers can now choose between Facebook’s two options in order to gain subscriptions to their site! The first option is one that allows users to view 10 free stories per month before being required to subscribe. The second one allows publishers to choose specific articles to lock in order to encourage the users to subscribe.


Facebook’s New Explore Feed

Facebook’s new explore feed based on what’s popular on Facebook rather than just what your friends are posting! This feature has been in testing for quite a while, but is now confirmed to be an official feature coming soon!


The “Order Food” Feature was Launched in the US

You can now order food on Facebook from local food places! Facebook has partnered with certain chains including Jack in the Box and Wingstop to place orders for either take out or delivery through the site. Foodies, unite!


Facebook Stories for Pages

Until now, Facebook pages have not had access to stories. However, business pages can now create Stories just like someone with a personal account! We think this will bring more attention to FB Stories overall.


The ‘Happening Now’ Feature
Twitter’s new ‘Happening Now’ feature showcases tweets about specific events. If you click on the happening now label on the top of your screen, you will start to see tweets people have posted about specific topics Twitter thinks you will love! This is similar to the concept of the “discovery” page on Facebook or the “explore” page on Instagram.

Video-Centered Ads

Twitter has launched what is known as the “Video Website Card”. Essentially, this means advertisements will automatically play while scrolling through your feed! From here, a link will take you to a website preview while the ad plays! This could be a game changer for businesses and will definitely allow brands of all kinds to draw traffic to their site.

Bookmarking Tool

Twitter has also announced that a bookmark button is coming in the near future. This is similar to the “save” button you may have seen on Instagram! The bookmark button makes it possible to refer back to tweets you loved and previously bookmarked!



BumbleBizz allows users to use the same sort of swipe-based platform that Bumble BFF and the original Bumble app had! However, this platform is made for networking. The app uses your location and common connections to compile a people in the professional to connect with. Our Co-Founders recently had the chance to attend the BumbleBizz networking event here in Phoenix, and we’re excited to give this app a try!


Official Stories

The latest in the Snapchat world is that there are now stories from verified accounts! So, users are able to have automatic access to a celebrity’s story.

Context Cards

Snapchat has introduced Context Cards that give users more context such as restaurant reviews, contact information, and more! This is allowing the platform to take on a marketing aspect more than a photography platform like it has in the past! This is a quick way to check the reviews of a location before visiting it!

What are your fave social media updates from the month of October? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of our future social media updates!