Sick of the same old stock photography all over the internet? We were, too. That’s why we created Stock that Rocks! Now there’s a place to get (affordable!) stock photos that are minimal, functional, and totally practical.

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Do I need to credit Bloguettes when using stock photos?

No, you don’t have to credit Bloguettes when using purchased stock photos, such as on your blog! However, they’re for editorial use only. They are not for commercial use, like on billboards or in magazines.

Can I use my purchased stock photos on social media?

Yes! Feel free to use stock photos on your social media accounts.

Can I sell stock photos?

No, stock photos cannot be resold. Purchased stock photos can be used in mock-ups, but cannot be used in electronic or digital templates intended for resale or other distribution, such as website templates, business card templates, and brochure design templates.

Do I own the photo once I purchase it?

Bloguettes is the ultimate owner of the photo. Only the account with membership can access the photo and has the right to use it!

Can I make changes to the photo?

Yes! Purchased stock photos can be modified or edited, such as in Lightroom. However, the user may not falsely represent that they’re the creator of work that’s primarily made up of stock photos.

Can I be refunded?

Refunds for photos will only be given if there’s a technical problem preventing the download of the photos. However, refunds cannot be issued for your technical problems, including browser, compatibility, or connectivity issues.