Stop Putting Your Self-Worth In Social Media

Stop Putting Your Self-Worth In Social Media - Bloguettes


Stop Putting Your Self-Worth In Social Media - Bloguettes: Life is more than just 'likes.' Reconnect to the world and stop thinking that social media is the biggest thing out there. Be true, be you, and live your life!

Many of us struggle with social media. Not with using it correctly, but rather, with putting our complete identity in it. A lot of times, our self-worth is placed IN social media. Sounds crazy right? Well, word on the street is, this is a pretty common problem amongst our generation! We’re giving you five tips to STOP putting your self-worth in social media. It is our hope and desire that through these five simple tips, you will be more confident in who YOU are, and not through who social media tells you you are.


Fasting from social media is one of the most important things because this way you shock yourself into finding joy in the other things found in this beautiful life of ours! Right away, you’re able to learn to live a life WITHOUT constantly checking your phone for updates and notifications. You can start with just two hours, then slowly add more time so you become completely detached. Two hours doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised at how this small amount could seem like a lifetime!

Turn Off Notifications

Another great way to give more attention to yourself and less to social media would be to turn off social media notifications in your settings app! This is so helpful because this way you aren’t mentally counting likes and comments while you’re trying to live life!

Network In Real Life

It is important to have great, quality friends in life. Friends on social media are amazing, however, sometimes those “friends” you may have turn their backs on you (aka unfollow you) unexpectedly! That can sometimes crush your self-esteem. This is why making REAL friendships and relationships through networking will keep you sane. Know there are people out there that care about you despite your social media situations!

Don’t Compare

Media manipulation can play a big part in the way we see ourselves in comparison to supermodels on social media. We sometimes tend to feel that we need to look a certain way or act a certain way because that’s what is popular on Instagram or Twitter. Be inspired today to know that you were created to be uniquely, beautifully, and amazingly you! Learn to love yourself and to not compare with others. We’ve only got one life to live–pledge to make it a great one.

Make It A Tool, Not A Weapon

Here is the best for last. Social media should ultimately be used for advancing your profile, brand, business, blog, etc. It should not be at all harmful to you! That is why placing your self-worth in it is pointless. You have every opportunity to make the best out of your social media experience. Place your focus on using social media as a tool as opposed to a weapon.

With this small investment of tips into your social media experience, you will be able to see these outlets in a different light and use them for what they were ultimately created to accomplish: help you!