Suitcase Essentials For Every Travel Destination



Meet Meg! Although she’s seeking a future in the business world, our darling marketing intern doesn’t conform to a bland businessperson mentality when it comes to dressing. Her need for exploring is almost as boundless as her personality, so let Meg teach you a thing or two about packing for your next journey!

Suitcase Essentials For Every Travel Destination

A Light Sweater (for those frigid airplanes)

No matter where your next destination may be, you’ll never regret bringing something along to keep you warm. Most of us know how frigid airplanes can be, and anything to get comfortable in a small airplane seat is much appreciated. Even if you go to a warm, tropical climate, temperatures are sure to drop during those late night walks on the beach. If you get a little toasty, tie your sweater around your waist for a trendy perk! Hooray for functional fashion!

A Good Pair of Sneakers (for those long days exploring!)

When it comes to footwear, comfort trumps all – especially on action-packed trips. Sneakers are a must for any adventure. If you want to explore eccentric cities or go hiking in a picturesque forest, unsupportive sandals are a no-go. Luckily for you, sneakers have become the perfect accessory for practically any outfit. Finding a fabulous pair of sneaks to accommodate a variety of outfits helps keep you comfortable and on-trend! 

A Pair of Comfy Blue Jeans (for a casual adventure)

The unpredictability of vacation days can be stressful, especially when it comes to outfit planning. Blue jeans are the tried and tested solution to this predicament. I’m always worried about packing the right things for every occasion, but my jeans never fail me. Because they’re so versatile, you simply can’t go wrong. Whether you want to walk around all day, or go for a dinner at the pier, denim is the way to go when you can’t decide what to wear.

A Swimsuit (to take a dip into your hotel’s pool)

Relaxation is a critical piece in the vacation equation. For me, relaxing is synonymous with taking a dip in the pool, or lying on the hotel balcony and reading. Especially for more exotic locales, floating around the ocean and squishing your toes in the sand are experiences you can’t miss! Packing a swimsuit ensures that you’ll have an afternoon full of enjoyment, even if you don’t feel like taking a step outside your hotel. 

A Camera (because duh)

Vacations are all about cherishing the moment, but what trip would be complete if you didn’t have any memories to look back on? Sure, iPhones are great, but bringing an actual camera can motivate you to make the most of every second. Carrying a camera around makes every minute of your trip a bit more whimsical. Plus, I’m a sucker for wanting to remember every single part of my trip, and post pictures on Instagram of course! Did your vacation even happen if Instagram didn’t see it?

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