Tackling Loneliness As A Solopreneur

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Beating Off Loneliness As A Solopreneur


The best things in life come in pairs (like a brand new pair of super slick Louboutin stilettos) or bunches (like a box of rich Godiva chocolates). One is by far the loneliest number. And having one–and only one of us–to be with day in and day out for 40 hours a week can be a bit daunting. Thus, is the plight of many solopreneurs. Being the CEO, marketing director, intern, and janitor all by yourself leads to a pretty dull conversation with your paper cup at the water cooler. And while we are totally for a one-woman (or man) show, isolation is boring and at times, can be unhealthy.

To combat this, we’ve come up with a couple of ways to fend off loneliness as a solopreneur. We highly suggest you try these out before your houseplants (or cat) actually start responding to your questions.

Find a Mentor

When you’re running the show all alone, it’s a good idea to find somebody else to bounce ideas off and talk about new strategies. Seek out a person that you respect who has also been in your shoes. Ask them if they are willing to set up a time each day or week to talk.


Pick a local charity that you’re passionate about and contribute your time each week. Depending on the cause, you may even find yourself shoulder to shoulder with potential investors, referral partners, or your next client.

Get Out

If you work from home, try to change up your environment once or twice a week. Research co-working spaces in your area. Most co-working facilities offer day passes for next to nothing. If that’s not your style, you can also set up shop at your local coffee house or library.

Join a Business Network

Regardless of your industry, there’s a network out there for you. Whether it’s online or in person, you’ll forge some awesome business contacts, network, and actually get to talk to a real live human being instead of your stapler.

Reach Out

Find like-minded solopreneurs through your plethora of social networks. Having contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and Twitter will help you to develop ongoing business relationship with folks all over the world.

Hit the Gym

Break up your day by going to the gym for an hour. Sign up for group fitness classes like cycling to meet new people and shed the pounds.

Working for yourself can be lonely, but there are tons of ways to ward off isolation and meet new people! What are some ways you fight off loneliness? Drop us a comment below!