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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to a Conference - Bloguettes

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to A Conference

Looking for a way to grow professionally? In this post, we're talking about how to convince your boss to send you to a conference.


Holiday Gift Guide for the Girlboss in Your Life

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5 Keys to a Successful Creative Collaboration

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Bloguettes Book Club: Off Balance

We all want work-life balance, but few of us would actually say we have it. So, for book club this month, we decided to read Off Balance by Matthew Kelly!


How to Pitch Yourself to Get More Brand Deals

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9 Tools All Freelancers Need To Know About

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Bloguettes Book Club: The 10X Rule

For this month's edition of Bloguettes Book Club, we decided to read The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone! Find out what we had to think of the book here.


The CEO Mindset vs. Employee Mindset: Which Do You Have?

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How to Build Brand Awareness Using Video

These days, it seems like everyone is investing in video marketing. In this post, we're sharing how to create viral videos to build brand awareness.


How to Dress Like a #Girlboss on a Tight Budget

Wondering how to dress like a girlboss on a tight budget? We have good's possible! Read along as we share our tips for completing your wardrobe!