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How Web Security Can Affect Your SEO

Whether you're a blogger or you have a site for your business, it's important to know about SEO! In this post, we're sharing ways to protect your content.


SEO In 2018: Why Bloggers Should Care About Voice Search

Have you heard about the rise of voice search? Turns out it might have a big impact in the SEO world. Learn all about it here!

SEO: Why It’s Important & How to Make it Work for You

What is SEO, and why is it so important? In this post, expert Kristen Poli is sharing all of her tips when it comes to having a well-optimized site.


6 Things You Can’t Forget About Your Blog’s SEO

You work hard to create great blog content, and now it's time to get found! In this article, we're sharin' our tried and true blog SEO tips.

The Beginner's Guide To SEO: 4 Things You Can Do Now - Bloguettes

The Beginner’s Guide To SEO: 4 Things You Can Do Now

If you have a blog or biz, you need to know SEO. We're breaking down keywords, plugins, meta descriptions, & other SEO basics specifically for beginners!

How To Show Up In Google Using The Yoast SEO Plugin - Bloguettes

Everything You Need To Know About The Yoast SEO Plugin

Looking for a good SEO tool for your blog? Use the Yoast SEO plugin! Use keywords, meta descriptions, and more to show up in Google search rankings!

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Selling Online

New to e-commerce? We've got the 3 things you need to know before selling online! Whether you're a beginner or an e-store veteran, scan our tips!

How To Run A Business With Your Spouse ft. Ashley & Malone Design

But what about couples who run a business together? Is it harder, easier, or like everything, a little bit of both?

The College Prepster

Turning Your Hobby Into Your Career ft. The College Prepster

4 SEO Tips for Better Search Rankings

Learn the 4 pillars of seo strategy straight from Garth O'Brien, GoDaddy blog author! Read up on the seo tips you need for 2015!