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This Just In! Introducing Amazon Spark

Amazon now has a feature that allows you to shop from a feed on their app, and it's called Amazon Spark! Learn all about it in this blog post.


Change the Way You Work with Workplace by Facebook

Have you heard? Facebook recently launched a new feature designed to streamline communication in the workplace. Learn all about Workplace by Facebook here!


Meet the Bloguettes: Crystal

Meet the newest member of the B-Team, Crystal! Get to know her and learn about her role here at Bloguettes in this blog post!


This Just In! Instagram Ad Campaigns in MailChimp

There are now Instagram ad campaigns in Mailchimp! This feature allows you to grow your following and bring in new customers for your business.


5 Google Analytics Metrics You Need to Watch

Undertstanding Google Analytics can be tricky, but we're here to help! Check out our 5 Google Analytics metrics you need to be watching!

The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Plugins are a blogger's best friend! In this post, we're talkin' about some of the best plugins for bloggers. Check 'em out here!

Optimizing Social Video Everything You Need to Know

Optimizing Social Video: Everything You Need to Know

Lately, social video seems to be taking the world by storm. But how can you make it work for your brand? Find out how to optimize social video here!

How to Send Push Notifications7

How to Send Push Notifications

A great way to increase traffic to your website is to use push notifications! Check out this blog post to learn how to send push notifications!

This Just In! Location Targeting for Facebook Ads in MailChimp

You've heard about Mailchimp...but have you heard about the latest update? You can now use location targeting for Facebook ads in MailChimp--learn how here!

Music Motivation to Get You Through the Week

Music Motivation to Get You Through the Week

Click here for some music motivation to help get you through the week! We have a variety of music from pop, R&B and classical. Enjoy!