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A Week in the Work Life of Sakura: Vlog

A Week in the Work Life of Sakura: Vlog

Want to see what it's like to be the Co-Founder and Creative Brand Director of Bloguettes? Watch Sakura's weekly vlog to get an inside peek!

5 Ways To Brainstorm New YouTube Videos - Bloguettes

5 Ways To Brainstorm New YouTube Videos

Ever wonder how YouTubers never seem to run out of new video ideas? Here are a few tips that'll have you thinking like the video gurus on the 'net!

When To Start A YouTube Channel

Should I Start A YouTube Channel?

Thinking about starting a YouTube channel? Use this checklist to see if you are ready to launch or not.

How To Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera - Bloguettes

5 Ways to Feel Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

Talking to people can be scary, but so can talking to a camera! Here are our video intern's best tips on overcoming that awkward feeling.

Using YouTube To Grow Your Passion ft. Lynette Cenée

Meet Lynette Cenée! She's a beauty & nail YouTuber and blogger, and grew her passion into a career. Read all about her awesome story!

Periscope Now Autoplays in Twitter

Instead of opening in a separate app, Periscope videos will now autoplay in Twitter! Not a fan? Find out how to change your settings here.

Vlogging vs. Podcasting - Bloguettes

Vlogging vs. Podcasting

What's the difference between vlogging & podcasting? Quite a bit. We're breaking down the pros & cons of each & how to see if you're a good fit for either!

How To Look Your Best on Webcam

There are two kinds of people—the ones who blossom and flourish in front of the camera and the ones who stand there with wide-eyes and gaping mouths.