How To Take Back Your Commute

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Let’s be real for a second. Is there anything truly worse than commuting? Spending your free time driving to and from work, often during high traffic times, can be a real bummer. Same goes for a crowded subway, a slow bus or a long train ride. But commuting doesn’t have to be something you dread every day. The time you commute is your time and with a little planning you can enjoy a few aspects of it. 2016 will be the year you take back your commute!

Take a Deep Breath

You get in the car after a long day of hard work and you are met with a traffic jam. Not the best way to start unwinding for the night. Instead of getting frustrated, take this time to relax. Keep a soothing essential oil in your car and rub some on your pulse points or add some to a car oil diffuser. Focus on your breathing and enjoy a relaxing scent such as lavender. Not a morning person? Try an energy and mood boosting citrus oil like grapefruit. You will feel better and your car will smell amazing!

Stop the “Hanger”

Commuting is so much worse when you are hungry. The time it takes to get home feels longer and you find yourself more irritated by other drivers than usual. Keep some healthy snacks like almonds in your glove compartment or purse and eat a handful when you first get in the car or on public transportation. Hitting every red light or making a lot of stops will feel much less dire if you aren’t starving.

Listen Up

Are you getting bored listening to the same billboard hits day in and day out? We love Adele as much as anyone else, but we know one day we will want to say goodbye to Hello. Find a radio show, podcast or book on tape that you love and soon you will be dying to hop in the car. We recommend finding a podcast that cracks you up to help start your day off on the right foot.

Play Catch Up

If you are super busy, and who isn’t these days, commuting can feel like a huge loss of time that could be spent being productive. If you commute by public transportation, then you can accomplish a lot with just your iPhone! Answer emails, read a book, watch the latest episode of Scandal. But even if you are stuck in the car, you can use that time to play catch up on a few fronts. Don’t have time to keep up on the news? Listen to NPR or a news round up podcast. If you know your doctor’s office will keep you on hold for 20 minutes to make an appointment, give them a call. Haven’t spoken to your best friend in more than 140 characters in the last week? An hour on the phone with her will fly by and you will be home before you know it!

How will you take back your commute this year?