Tap to View Videos on Snapchat



Fingers everywhere can rejoice because of Snapchat’s newest update!

Previously, to view Snapchat videos, users had to press down and hold their finger onscreen for the entire length of the video. While it wasn’t exactly a critical inconvenience, when a battery notification popped up, you’d have to let go of your ‘video finger’ in order to exit out of the low battery alert. Not to mention, for those particular friends who post 400+ second videos (you know the one!), your frail little finger would be at a standstill until it went numb.

Thanks to Snapchat’s new “tap to view” feature, users can simply tap a video and watch absolutely hands free! Now, when you’re in the middle of watching the Fourth of July live stream this weekend, you won’t have to lose your spot when a notification rudely interrupts your viewing session.

Making new friends just got a whole lot easier too. The “Add Nearby” feature allows users to find friends in locations near you. While it can be a good way to explore new feeds, some people are saying the new feature gives Snapchat a dating app feel.

After the Snapchat update, you can add a selfie in your Snapcode picture. At first, we thought you could upload a picture to fill the yellow square, but we found out you can only take a picture within the ghost outline. We’re not sure how we feel about our faces appearing in the middle of a ghost’s belly, but hey, maybe it’ll grow on us.

PS: While this isn’t exactly an update, our intern Caitlan found this Snapchat Secrets video to help take your pics & vids to the next level!