The 5 Best Books For Entrepreneurs




We’re just gonna go ahead and say it, because we know you’re all thinking it–entrepreneur life can be tough.

The 5 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

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    The Woman I Wanted To Be

  3. 3

    The Confidence Code

  4. 4

    The Lean Startup

  5. 5

    Mistakes I Made at Work

Working for yourself sounds totally exciting and glamorous to outsiders, but, spoiler alert: it can also get super lonely. When you’re going at it alone it’s not uncommon to get discouraged, to feel uninspired and occasionally have those “What the heck am I actually doing?” moments. Everyone has found themselves in one of these ruts at some point in time, and we can say that one the best solutions for us has been picking up a good book. Few things are more encouraging than reading about someone else who has been there, done it, and how they got through all the ups and downs. We firmly believe that there’s always something to learn from another individual, and these five books impart some serious wisdom. They’re relatively easy reads, but you may want to have a pen and paper handy–they’re THAT good, and we guarantee you’ll learn a ton! And while they’re pretty different from one another in how they’re written and the exact topics they cover, there’s a common theme present: once you finish one of these books, you’ll be reminded why you started.