The 5 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops In Phoenix

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The 5 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Phoenix


Meet Shelby! Because she’s one of our lovely event interns, Shelby’s pretty in tune with the cutest local spots for just about anything. As a foodie, adorable eateries are some of her favorite places to explore. While she’s naturally super bubbly and full of life, Shelby’s not immune to the need for a coffee fix. Take a look at Shelby’s favorite places to buckle down and fuel up!

Lux Central

Lux Central is probably my all-time favorite place to go for coffee. The atmosphere is totally hipster and it’s a great place to meet friends to catch up or study for exams! My go-to drink(s) definitely changes depending on the weather. Along with their heavenly mac & cheese, one of Lux’s most popular items is the Iced Velvet. The name says it all! It’s basically an iced white mocha, but they’ve found the secret to making it the best white mocha I’ve ever tasted. While the Iced Velvet is my favorite on a warm, sunny day, those crisp fall or winter days push me toward a hot almond vanilla latte. I never get whipped cream on my coffee, but I make an exception at Lux–they make homemade whip that has ground espresso in the recipe. It’s absolutely to die for!

Side note: I tend to stay away from dairy, so I highly recommend almond milk! If you like your coffee a bit less sweet, I would suggest asking for half the amount of syrup.

Tea & Toast Co.

Tea & Toast Co. is located inside Desoto Central Market. There are over 5 eateries inside and a quaint loft space to enjoy your tea or meal! Tea & Toast Co. is my newfound obsession. Every month, they offer a ‘tea of the month’ with the most well-thought-out, adorable presentation. In October, my tea came with a mini pumpkin, and had coffee art in the foam with a picture of a ghost and the inscription “Boo!”. These days, I tend to order tea over coffee because I learned from Tea & Toast Co. that tea does not dehydrate quite as much. If you order a black tea latte, however, it has just as much caffeine as coffee! The tea lattes are simply a latte made with condensed tea as opposed to espresso. There’s a bunch of flavors and milks to choose from. If you need the caffeine, but don’t want the dehydration that follows a cup of coffee, tea lattes are a must-try!

Song Bird

Song Bird is another location where I always order tea. They’re known for their chai tea made locally in Tucson! They offer a sweet chai and a spicy chai. My favorite is the sweet, but it all depends on personal preference, both are creamy and full of rich spicy flavor.


There’s always something exciting happening at Elevate! It’s probably the most social coffee shop I’ve discovered in the Phoenix area. Local musicians come perform and there’s a conference area for local organizations to meet. I adore Elevate’s dirty chai, hot or iced. A shot of espresso is what makes your typical chai ‘dirty.’ This mixture reminds me of the taste of gingerbread!


Lola is a picturesque coffee shop where you’ll always be able to get the perfect Instagram shot of you and your coffee. The outside of the coffee shop has great photo ops with lovely brick walls and floral accents! I was personally recommended the vanilla latte by one of Lola’s baristas, and thought it was super tasty. I’d definitely pass this recommendation along!

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