The Benefits of Blogging



There’s a common misconception that blogs are just for bloggers. What most people don’t realize is that businesses can significantly benefit from blogs as well. We put together a few reasons why anyone (bloggers, businesses, your crafty bestie, or your recipe guru of a grandma) can benefit from blogging.

Platform For Your Voice

In a big world, it’s hard to get your voice out there. Having a blog gives you a platform to express your ideas and voice your opinions. Whether you’re dishing out your latest 10-minute cauliflower inspired dinner recipes, or have a blog about deep political issues happening in the world, your blog gives you an edge and a little more credibility than simply ranting or blast-posting on Facebook.

Extra Traffic

There are so many ways to heighten SEO in blog posts. If you have a WordPress site, downloading the Yoast SEO plugin can significantly increase your chances of being found. You can add keywords, write your meta description, and control what pictures and text appear when someone reposts your article.

Take keywords for example. If you have a clothing business, it might be hard to get noticed for the keywords “Clothing Business,” but if you had a blog post about “How To Start A Clothing Business,” you can use SEO and specific keywords to boost your chances of people reading your blog post and then clicking on your clothing site. In short, more content = more traffic.


Having a blog means you have another outlet for monetization. People may respond more kindly to someone promoting their blog post that gives readers advice, inspiration, and education rather than someone blatantly trying to sell their products.

Having a blog post also gives you more of an opportunity to link to or talk about multiple products, whereas an actual product page only shows one item at a time. Take fashion bloggers for example. If you have an affiliate link with ShopStyle, you can link to pieces from your entire outfit. If people buy the items after visiting your site, you gain a percentage of that particular sale.

Humanizes Your Brand

Having a blog (especially if you have a business) can humanize your brand. Your website is composed of images, video, text, graphics…the whole shebang. But a blog post on the other hand, is made up of words entirely. Because you have to write, you are forced to create a voice. If you’re a business, having a blog gives your customers an intimate look into your brand’s personality. In doing so, you make your business more relatable and you have a better chance at connecting with your customers and (hopefully) leading them to a conversion.


Still not convinced businesses need blogs? We’re breaking it down for you in our Blogging For Small Businesses 101 Webinar. Join us on Oct 27th and learn all about why you should have a blog, how to start one, and what you should write about.