Phoenix Workshop Recap: February 29 & March 1



Can you believe this was our fourth workshop in Phoenix since we started Bloguettes over a year ago? We’re still trying to wrap our minds around how time flies by so fast. We’re local to Arizona, and we’ve loved both attending and hosting events, getting to connect with others in our industry and building a little community of our own. Aside from causing us to get a little sentimental, this workshop was also the first held in our brand new studio. We designed this studio keeping in mind that we wanted it to be a home for our many workshops to come–this past weekend, it passed the test with flying colors! Scroll down and take a peek at our setup and sponsors! More photos can be seen in our gallery.


This was our biggest workshop yet–with 32 (!!!) students, we were definitely in need of more table space, and Native Events came through with their wooden farm tables. They were perfect for our workshop! These hilarious totes were provided by our goody bag sponsor, Printed Palette Ink, and the name tags attached were custom designed for our students by Savannah Ashley.

StudioSoftOpening6 StudioSoftOpening7

These cheeky, giant balloons are from NorthStar Balloons. If you follow Bloguettes or any of our team on Instagram, you definitely know that they were a hot commodity as far as photo-ops go!



Each day started out with an incredible breakfast spread from our favorite local juice bar, Kaleidoscope Juice. On the menu was fresh juice, smoothies, homemade protein bars, muffins, and a quinoa scramble with salsa verde that we just couldn’t get enough of.




We can’t resist a donut pic. We’ve tried, and we just can’t. These photogenic (and delicious!) little guys were provided to our students by our workshop sponsor, Desert Donuts.






We got these gorgeous succulent boxes from our new neighbors, Camelback Flowershop –totally different than our normal flower arrangements, we loved them!





We were super fortunate to borrow this cozy setup from Prim Rentals, a local event rental company in town. It was the perfect place to take breaks, soak in some afternoon sun through the windows, and–you guessed it–take pictures!




We made sure to beat any chance at an afternoon slump with–you guessed it–more sugar! For a branding workshop, #bloguettesPHX had a ton of good food. This coconut cake from Pistol Whipped Pastry might have been our favorite.




The goody bags for our two-day branding workshops are always different (and always amazing). Sponsors for this workshop included Modern Moni, 5 Two 3, Brilliant Sky Bakery, MAME Soy Candles, Paper Sushi Shop, The Felt Flower Shop, Pure Life Forever, Frances Vintage, Anna with Love, Dixie and Twine, Dewey’s Bath N Beauty Products, Slather Lotions, Lara Casey Shop and Katie Sterbenz Design.


Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us put on our largest workshop yet, and to our students for being there! You’ll all be a tough act to follow!