The Business of Pinterest ft. Alex Evjen



Known for her impressive following, Alex Evjen is the Pinfluencer you hear about in all the Pinterest fairytales. You know the story. Girl meets Pinterest, falls in love, & becomes an overnight sensation. The cherry on top? Being paid to pin! This stylist, blogger, and soon-to-be-momma never slows down, but lucky for us, took some time out of her busy schedule to give us tips on how to use Pinterest for your business!

How has Pinterest benefited you and your business?

Pinterest has changed my life and my business is the best possible way. When the social platform first came out, it was an easy way to show my personal styling clients outfit inspiration with a simple click. It was also a great visual organization tool to use in preparing for my styled shoots. I would say I still use Pinterest in the same way, but now it has become a place where I can discover new businesses throughout the globe, as well as help market and share about things I love. My following on Pinterest has also given me a voice and a significant amount of influence I could have only dreamed of, as well as afforded me opportunities to work with the largest brands in the world.

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Does Pinterest provide a big audience for businesses and brands?

Absolutely! It’s the 4th largest social platform, and in many ways, it’s a more powerful search tool than Google because the content is curated by humans and not bots. It’s a global community, and what is super fascinating is that the users are 80% female, making it very easy to target that demographic versus other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Marketing efforts for e-commerce are easier to track and measure with Pinterest since the user can simply click a pin to receive instant gratification. Platforms like Instagram aren’t as easy for e-commerce.


Pinterest is a more powerful search tool than Google because the content is curated by humans and not bots.

How can collaborations with businesses and other Pinfluencers help me grow my following?

Anytime you engage on Pinterest, you will see a positive correlation in growth and site visits. If every business can commit to at least 15 minutes per day to spend on Pinterest, they will see their following grow. Pinterest is still a community in that you need to share and follow others to grow, so I highly encourage businesses to make sure that 95% of the content they share is from others and only 5% of their own. You want to be a team player and contributor and not just use Pinterest to self-promote.

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What are your top 3 tips when it comes to using Pinterest for your business?

  1. 1

    Get a business account and check your analytics at least once a week so that you know what your audience enjoys most.

  2. 2

    Apply for Rich Pins! It will automatically help content and products from your website surface higher in search.

  3. 3

    Make sure to spend most of your time sharing helpful inspiration from within the community if you want to see your following grow.