The Desk Diaries: Nina

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Meet our social media director, Nina!

Whether she’s liking your #throwbackthursday photo on Instagram, creating a Bloguettes event on Facebook, or Snapchatting Lena the French bulldog chasing a donut, you can always find Nina at her desk with her favorite accessories!


Papyrus Notebook  I love my floral notebook from Papyrus! I have so many ideas running through my head on a daily basis and this book is perfect for jotting down my ideas! I’m actually really picky about my notebooks. I like them to be unique and stand out! The fabric embellishments on this one made it a perfect catch!


The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki – I can’t lie I love to read, and informational books are my calling! Being the Social Media Director I need to make sure I am well informed on the social media world and this book hits key points where they matter and avoids the fluff! It’s a permanent member of my purse– I carry it everywhere!


PB Teen Tray I totally flocked to this Emily + Merritt gold cat feet tray from PB Teen because it puts a spin on your typical paperclip holder! It has somewhat of an old vintage library flair and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s more than just a paper clip holder, it’s desk decor!


A Cup of Tea This is probably the most important thing on my desk! I’m half English, so tea is certainly my calling. I like to consider myself a pro tea maker! My favorite is Twinings Christmas Tea with whole milk and honey! Try it!


Martha Stewart Stickies  I’m a very visual person so I always mark my activities by color! I like using highlighters and colored pens and of course, these stickies by Martha Stewart! It helps keep things organized! These particular stickers are used for my agenda, but if you can’t find those, these colored tabs are super useful when it comes to marking a specific date in a planner!


Betsy Johnson Glasses – How cute are these glasses? I stare at multiple screens on a daily basis and my glasses help my eyes take a sec to relax. I chose black because I wanted it to match all my outfits!