The Desk Diaries: Allison



Our ever-cheery executive assistant can do just about anything (and we mean anything!) we throw at her! Whether it’s putting together slides for a new webinar, creating adorable name tags & goody bags for our interns, or talking to sponsors for an upcoming workshop, our girl Allison can knock out anything and do it all with a super gorgeous smile! Check out her ‘gotta have it’ items for The Desk Diaries series!


Monogrammed Planner
I love my tiny gold agenda! I go to school, have multiple internships, am super involved with my sorority & have to keep track of everything at Bloguettes! I’m constantly needing to keep track of events and writing down everything in this planner helps me to be more organized and productive. It fits in almost every purse I own so it’s always with me!


Sony Qx10 Lens
This little guy is the best way to get quality pictures on the go! It’s a pain dragging a big camera around, which is why this DSLR stand-in is so great! The lens connects via wifi so you can have instantly amazing photos on your phone at any time! You never know when you’re going to come upon a ‘grammable spot so carrying this around helps me to always be prepared!


PBteen Emily + Meritt Gold Tray
It might not seem like much at first glance, but this PBteen gold cat feet tray has turned out to be super useful! You can put any small desk goodies in there–paperclips, rubber bands, M&M’s, jewelry, and so much more! It also matches my planner so that is always a plus!


Initial Cup
A is for Allison of course! I like to keep a good selection of mugs around the office, but my favorite ones have an A on them (obviously!). I don’t drink coffee very much and even though this is technically a coffee mug, I tend to pour my favorite drinks (smoothies with chia seeds and cold-pressed juices) inside!


Tory Burch Notepad
I always need to write down little things to keep me organized! It doesn’t hurt for the notepad to be super cute too! I got this with a Tory Burch stationery set as a gift one year and always think of that person whenever I use them!