The Desk Diaries: Avi



Our executive assistant, Avi, has such a serious diverse set of skills. She’s bilingual in English and Spanish, knows Photoshop like the back of her hand, and knows how to snap a good photo because of her own blogging experience!


Today & To-Do Agenda

I love my Today & To-Do Agenda from Day Designer. My entire life is in there! As an assistant, you need to keep track of your own activities and meetings PLUS the ones of your boss! This is the perfect agenda to write down all your reminders. It’s also super feminine like me!


Blog Weekly Planner

If you’re a blogger, this weekly blog planner from Heart and Arrow Design is a must have. It’s so useful! The layout is very clean and the design is fantastic and tremendously helpful to ensure your success in conquering your day! Personally, it helps me with my own blog posts and Bloguettes YouTube videos.


Paris Mug

I’m a coffee lover! To begin my mornings, I need a cup of coffee in my favorite mug from Sur La Table. Paris is my dream city and I have a huge collection of Paris stuff everywhere. This cup always makes me happy and it’s so cute!


Floral Iphone Case

I’m a very floral and feminine girl so this case from Target was meant for me! Like my agenda, my iPhone is everything! I’m always checking it and making jokes that my cellphone is part of my arm!


Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

I’m a graphic designer and one of my major loves in life is editorial design. I’ve always pictured myself working at a fashion magazine, specifically Harper’s Bazaar because it’s my favorite! I always carry a magazine in my purse because I love to read in my downtime and get inspired!