The Desk Diaries: Bailey



Meet the desk of our creative assistant & video guru, Bailey! She’s the perfect girl for designing a poppin’ newsletter or creating informative or funny videos for Bloguettes YouTube! Not to mention, she has her very own lifestyle Youtube channel where she talks about fashion, DIY projects, outfit hauls along with a bunch of other tips & tricks for acing life! Take a peek at her daily desk life & she just how she helps out our amazing team!


Sony QX10 – This camera lens is PERFECT for taking Instagram pictures around the office! The photos save straight to the camera roll on my phone, making the posting process ten times easier! Plus it’s little and cute!

Mophie – I have to admit, it’s difficult to survive without my cell phone. This external battery saves my life on a daily basis, making sure that I am never left with a dead phone!


Washi Tape – Okay, I am a little obsessed with washi tape. It’s my favorite thing to use to organize my planner! Having an organized planner makes me more motivated to get my things done! Don’t ask why, but it works.
Anthropologie Planner – Like I mentioned before, my planner is my everything. No joke. I can’t survive one day without this thing! I would never know what I need to be doing or where I need to be without it.
Mason Jar Cups – Not a day goes by where I don’t have one of these cups in my hand! They’re the best! I’m constantly sipping on water throughout the day and I owe it all to these cute cups!