The Desk Diaries: Candace



For this edition of Desk Diaries, we’re peering into the desk of our very own director of operations! Candace, known for her quick wit and interest in all things related to the future, is in charge of forward-thinking and what we can do today to build Bloguettes bigger & better in the future! Take a scroll and she everything that is considered a must-have in Candace’s world!


Jonathan Adler Zebra Tray
I wish I was one of those type-A, super organized kind of people, but the truth is I’m just not. By midday my desk looks like a bomb exploded, no matter how hard I try. This zebra tray, which was a birthday gift, helps me maintain some of the mess. Rather than throwing (and then losing) my keys, jewelry, etc. just anywhere, I keep it all in this tray.

These headphones make me feel like a professional athlete every time I put them on. Good marketing, Beats by Dre. They’re kind of huge, but they cancel out any extra noise, so I put them on when I need to really get in the zone (or if I’m listening to One Direction).
This was a total impulse buy, but I’ve actually ended up using it quite a bit. My hair is always in a crazy ponytail, but I’ll occasionally let my hair down (both literally and figuratively) and run this thing over my head. I think it gets the ideas flowing.
Finding a planner is unusually tough for me, but this one from Graphic Image is perfect. Plain black, leather-bound and plenty of room to write daily tasks and to-do lists–it’s everything I want in a planner! It’s a great size too, so I bring it everywhere (which is kind of the point of having a planner, right?).
I am a huge skincare junkie! Sakura introduced me to Herbivore Botanicals, and their Geranium and Lavender spray is my favorite of their products. If I’m feeling tired or dehydrated or just blah, I spray this on my face and immediately feel refreshed.
The framed photo is of me and my dad (my favorite person ever), and the photobooth strip is of me and my boyfriend at a friend’s wedding. I think it’s important to keep something at your desk that’s kind of personal and reminds you of the things that make you, you.