The Desk Diaries: Gabi



Meet Gabi, our talented creative director!

When it comes to picture-perfect photos, Gabi is our go-to girl! She can easily style and shoot a top-knotch photo for anything we throw at her! When she’s not having interns help her stage photoshoots around the office, you can catch her at her desk editing photos or designing graphics. Read on to get a glimpse of Gabi’s daily desk life!

Super Sticky Notes  I love having these giant sticky notes around because I can write all the things I need to get done in HUGE letters! I am a very visual person so seeing my tasks for the day written on big bright orange sticky notes helps make sure I get everything done!


Sony Headphones – We usually have music playing in the office, but sometimes I need to get my creative juices flowing with other musicThese headphones help block out all the other noises so I can concentrate!


PB Teen Faux Fur Snow Leopard Pouch – I have a fur obsession… so this fur pouch is EVERYTHING to me. I love putting all my pens, lip gloss, USB drives, and pretty much anything else that fits in, in! I always have it on my desk to keep my pens nearby!


Nikon Camera + Memory Card – There is ALWAYS a DSLR camera sitting on my desk. More often than not, there’s two at a time! Because my job revolves around editing photos and taking Instagram & blog post photos, it seems like a waste of time to put my camera away or take the memory stick out of my computer!


Wacom Tablet – A big part of my job is creating graphics, which is why I love having my Wacom tablet on my desk! The tablet makes using the eraser and brush tools in Photoshop a lot easier. If I want to add a personal touch to a graphic, I can use my own handwriting as a font! This Wacom tablet is a savior!


Pineapple Notebook – Yes, I’m totally guilty—I’ve become a victim to the pineapple trend. When I saw this notebook, my immediate thought was, “10, PLEASE!!” Every morning I come in, check my emails, and create a to-do list. This little notebook helps me keep my to-do lists and notes all together!