The Desk Diaries: Lorena



deskdiaries-lorenaWe’re not sure how she does it, but our co-founder Lorena is also the co-founder of Estoes Purpura in Mexico! She’s a busy (queen) bee and 9 times out of 10, she’s on the phone (speaking in English and Spanish!) finding new partners, new workshop ideas, & new ways to take Bloguettes above and beyond! Read on to see what Lorena needs to get through the day!
lorena deskdiaries juby true juice computerJuby True Juice
I drink this EVERY morning–and have been doing this every morning for the past two years! I am a definite creature of habit. I love Juby True’s juice because it gives me a lot of energy in the morning versus eating a heavy breakfast that makes me sleepy and unable to work! My favorite is the Lean Green Veggie Machine! It looks a little funky, but I promise it’s amazing!

computer glasses desk headphones
Gunnar Computer Glasses
I stare at the computer all day long! I used to get really bad headaches and my eyes would be so tired by the end of the day. These computer glasses are always on my desk for those exact reasons–and more! Since I’ve been wearing them, my eyes don’t get so tired and when 5 o’clock rolls around, no more end-of-day headaches!
desk set up desk products lorena
Bose Sound-Canceling Headphones
I slip these Bose headphones on when I really need to focus! They help me tune out the background noise and focus on whatever I need to get done for the day! Not to mention, the white color gives off a super clean, simple look. I know it doesn’t matter much, but because they’re white, they go with whatever outfit I happen to be wearing!
desk products caudalie hand food phone
Caudalíe Grape Water Spray
I use this grape water spray for my face all the time! The weather in Arizona is SO dry so using this spray throughout the day keeps my skin hydrated! I go to so many meetings and am constantly on the phone at work. Whenever I feel like I need a little spritz of energy (or need to stop and take a breath!), I take this out and feel instantly refreshed and ready to get back to work!