The Desk Diaries: Shanna



Welcome to part two of The Desk Diaries! Just in case you missed our first post, don’t worry, we got you.

Each post, we’ll introduce a different member of the Bloguettes team and items from their desk. You’ll come to find that each desk is completely different from the other and represents the amazing girl behind it!

Say hello to our assistant editor, Shanna!

“It’s a little difficult to place stuff on my desk to showcase how I work because I’m a writer. The majority of the time, it’s just me, my computer, and my brain!”


Paper Mate InkJoy Pen – This sounds weird, but I need a pen that writes like ice cream. Ideas come and go in a heartbeat and I need a pen that can write as fast as I think!  I found these pens a few years ago and to this day, they are my favorite! They’re nothing fancy, (I actually don’t care for super wet inky pens or pens with really fine tips. The inky ones bleed through the page and the fine-tipped ones feel like they’re going to break if I dot an “I” too hard!) These Paper Mate pens come in a rainbow of colors and as soon as you place this pen on paper, it’s helloooo smooth sailing!


Bonded Leather Journal – Ever since I was a kid, I loved notebooks. To be honest, I rarely ever finish a notebook cover to cover (oops), but if you flip through the mountain of notebooks I’ve collected throughout the years, you’ll find journal entries, story ideas, oodles of doodles, pros & cons lists, and half-written poems. Not too much has changed since then. At Bloguettes, I keep a notebook at my desk at all times to write down blog post ideas and things I need to get done for the upcoming week!


Neatly Noted Pad & Pencils – To-do lists are always more satisfying when you can physically cross it off! These Neatly Noted notepads and pencils are on my desk whenever I need to jot down quick reminders to myself!


Beats by Dre  As much as I like them, I can’t wear over-the-ear headphones because of an ear piercing. *Sigh.* Whoever said ‘beauty is pain’ continues to be (annoyingly!) correct. I still want the big sound, so I invested in a pair of Beats by Dre earphones. Whenever I need to hanker down and hammer out blog posts or webinar slide designs, I pop these babies in! You can usually find me listening to hip hop or motivational Ted Talks!


Fresh Sugar Lips – I’m an Arizona native and out here, the sun can (and does!) dry out your lips. I carry Fresh Sugar Lip chapstick with me wherever I go and apply it throughout the day. With SPF 15 in the formula, it’s an AZ must!