The Desk Diaries: Sakura



Here at Bloguettes, there’s always some form of chaos going on. If you pop by our office during the week, you’re sure to find Winston the Mini Schnauzer loyally guarding the Bloguettes girls and Lena the French Bulldog taking a stroll on her doggie treadmill. You’ll see photoshoots poppin’ off in the corner, interns putting goody bags together, and the team shouting out questions to each other from across the room.

Don’t get us wrong, we adore our studio. But with so much going on all the time, it’s nice to have a space you can call your own.

Enter—the desk.

While the majority of the team sits together at one long table, each person has their own workspace and is able to decorate and be as organized—or cluttered!—as they choose to be.

We realized each desk was as different as the girls who make up the Bloguettes team and thus, our newest blog series, “The Desk Diaries” was born! Each post will feature a few items hand-plucked from one of our amazing team’s desk along with their reasoning for why they can’t live without their must-have products!

First up, our co-founder, Sakura!


Wacom Tablet – I really can’t live without my Wacom Tablet! I do a lot of graphic design work in multiple Adobe programs, so the Wacom Tablet allows me to do a lot of free-hand drawing or hand lettering—a lot easier than using a regular mouse. It’s a lot more than just a design tool, I also use it as my mouse because it has a touch feature and it works just like my track pad on my laptop!


PB Teen Lamp – I love everything white & gold—it’s pretty, has a good contrast between the two colors, and it goes with everything and anything. The second I saw this PB Teen lamp, I knew it belonged on my desk.  The best part about it? It has a USB insert, cause you can never have enough of those.


Kate Spade Planner – I heavily rely on my Google Calendar, but I carry around my Kate Spade planner everywhere with me because I like to write every little thing down so I don’t forget ANYTHING! I still like to keep some things old school 😉


Sony QX10 – The Sony QX10 lens is the perfect alternative if you don’t have a DSLR.  I personally don’t like to take my DSLR camera everywhere with me, so I have the lens with me at all times since it easily fits in any purse.  It’s also great for high-quality Instagram pictures!


Bloguettes Tumbler – I keep my Bloguettes Tumbler on my desk at the office at all times for a couple reasons. One, so I don’t lose it or leave it at home. Two, I drink more water when I have a straw. Three, it’s branding! Gotta be representing the company at all times in any shape or form, right?!