The Future Of Photos Is Here: Meet PRINTL



Have you heard of PRINTL? Before we introduce you to one of our new favorite services, allow us to set the scene.

A friend asks to see pictures of your last vacay spot (or let’s be real, the hott-ay you’ve been eyeing). What’s the first thing you do? We’re willing to bet that nine times out of ten, you head to Instagram. Not knocking it, (we love love love Instagram) but when we’re older, will we really be whipping out our rose gold iPhone 700S to show the grandkids pics of ourselves (and uh, a whole lot of food pics) in our heyday?

Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows how we’ll be accessing photos in the future?! Not us (we’re just crossing our fingers for flying cars and 3D printable pizza). However, there’s one thing that we are certain of, and that’s the fact that real life photographs are never going out of style (cue Taylor Swift song).


Enter, PRINTL. PRINTL is a subscription service that combines the joys of Instagram with the timelessness of printed photos. Once you sign up (which takes all of two seconds), you just Instagram your little heart out, and at the end of each month you’ll receive ten prints of your most popular posts. Fun, right?

And unlike your Instagram photos, your PRINTL pics are perfect for hanging on walls, keeping on your desk, adding to photo albums, and just generally cherishing forever and ever. If you’re interested in checking it out, PRINTL is offering a 50% discount off your first order when you enter ‘@bloguettes’ at checkout. Click here to get started. Do it for your future self!