The Good & The Bad About The New Macbook



Alright, so the reviews are in for the new Macbook, and let’s just say the computer is definitely a home run for Apple. It sports a 12-inch Retina display, a super sleek and thin build, and comes in silver, gray, and gold (cool, right?!)

But as with most things, there are cons as well as pros. The computer only has one USB-C port! Yes, you’ve heard right, one! If you don’t know what a USB-C port is, it is basically the newest form of a USB port, which had to be remodeled to fit the new, thin design of the latest MacBook.

With the new USB-C port, none of your current USBs will fit, which means you’ll have to get a dongle to connect your old USBs. And no, that’s not a typo–a dongle is a real thing (we had to look it up to believe it too)!

While having to purchase yet another expensive gadget just to utilize your USBs is annoying, there’s at least one cool thing to come from the new port…it can receive power! This means that you can buy a portable battery pack and by simply plugging it in to your USB-C port, give your computer an extra charge. Definitely a cool feature that makes the MacBook even more portable, as carrying that super long power cord and being forced to find a spot near an outlet could soon become a thing of the past.

The ability to receive a charge isn’t the ONLY cool thing about the new USB-C port, though. It’s also faster, and will allow for the use of other third-party accessories, including HDMI cords. While seemingly a hindrance at first sight, the USB-C port is truly the latest in USB technology, so it’s something we’re likely to see more of in the future.