The Importance of Social Media Optimization



Most people know about search engine optimization, or SEO, to drive traffic to their blog, but what is equally as important is social media optimization. This is the increase of your blog’s content to social networking sites.

Many popular websites get more views due to social media than Google itself. Making your content easily transportable through these networking forums can make all the difference in creating a successful site.

A Widgetized Area is Key

Widgetized areas with social media share buttons allow website viewers to share the content they want with just a click. Additionally, social media follow icons linking to your various social network sites should be at the top of your website and rather obvious. A great social network sharing plugin is AddThis. Gigya is another that allows users to share on multiple networks at once without having to leave your site.

Quality Content & Staying Engaged is Important

People aren’t going to share content that they don’t find interesting. So make sure what you’re writing is useful, important, and that you have a featured image. People are more likely to share articles that have a good looking image or graphic! Also use sites like Bitly (or more ideally, Google Analytics) to track when and where people are sharing your links–and be sure to thank them for that as well! If someone shares your link on Facebook, Twitter or even on their blog–be sure to like, retweet, favorite and comment.

Create the Ability to Share Comments and Like Posts

Having a comment section is great! But allowing users to share their comments is even greater. This increases the exposure to your site significantly. Also the ability for your viewers to Facebook “like” your post is equally as important. They are silently promoting your site with a click of the mouse, and once again exposing your site to all of their followers and friends. These features are easy to find and install–they’re simply plugins!

Add an Email Opt-In

People will have more of an incentive to revisit your site if they know what the new information on it is! Having a subscriber list and a regular newsletter is a definite way to get more traffic to your site because you’re keeping readers constantly informed. Just don’t overload them with emails and notifications; finding a happy medium is key!

What other tips do you have for using social media to drive traffic to your site? Leave them in the comment section!