The Most Instagram-able Places in Phoenix

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Did you know that Bloguettes is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ? It might not be totally obvious at first glance, considering our workshop takes place in a different city nearly every month, but when we aren’t out on the road, we’re working from our studio in the heart of Phoenix, enjoy lots of sun, warm weather (sometimes a little TOO warm), and taking in the desert scenery. To show some love for our hometown we’ve asked two local bloggers to share their most Instagram-able places in Phoenix.

These girls have a serious knack for creating great Instagrams, whether it’s a yummy food pic, sharing their OOTD, or flaunting the perfect flat lay, their accounts are definitely worth following, and we knew they’d point us in the right direction when seeking the most Instagram-able spots!

Meet Claire, style blogger behind Little Miss Fashion Queen, and Brie of My Fashion Fancies.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.


Claire: I’m Claire, the blogger behind Little Miss Fashion Queen, and I’m a 20-year-old self-proclaimed, queen. I grew up in California, in the Studio City area and have lived in Arizona for quite a few years now almost 10. I’ve been blogging seriously since earlier last fall….I have a ton of clothes and truly love fashion so it seemed like a great hobby to jump into. I love finding new spots to shoot and now always have an eye out for pretty places to take outfit photos.


Brie: My name is Brie and I am an Arizona native with a love for fashion and an addiction to shoes. I am always overdressed and believe in manicured nails and messy hair. I know this is cliché, but my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family…. I just recently got engaged and am having so much fun planning my wedding and future with my fiancé, Taylor. Most of my free time is spent with him, whether it’s appeasing our foodie passions at one of our favorite restaurants in Phoenix or cuddled up in pajamas, watching an action movie and eating candy.

What are your top five most Instagram-able places in Phoenix?


The Original ChopShop Co.:  I love it cause it’s a healthy spot to grab lunch with a cute environment to grab an insta!

Sugar BowlIt’s a pink-everything, old fashioned ice cream parlor that is very photogenic.

The Drybar: I can get a fresh do and pretty pics, it’s a win- win!

Scottsdale Fashion SquareA mall with lovely displays and the latest fashions…. Believe it or not I find myself snapping away all day there!

Coffee Rush CafeI know, pictures of my coffee, I’m a trendsetter but it’s a trendy and quiet atmosphere.


Sip Coffee & Beer HouseThis coffee house offers so many unique photo ops, with indoor and outdoor seating and a lot of unique decor.

The DuceThe Duce is the perfect hang-out spot, with games and music and old-fashioned sodas. It also has such a unique vibe and a lot of fun backdrops.

Downtown GilbertWith an old, downtown feel and some of my favorite restaurants, this is probably the most versatile area for photos in only a square mile.

Mill AvenueMill Avenue offers excitement that is hard to find elsewhere. Its streets are usually full and there is always so much going on. It offers a downtown feel but with much more character. You just can’t be shy, when taking pictures here, because people will whistle and make comments.

What does your Instagram portray about you?

Claire: I feel my Instagram is an insight to what I like, a piece of who I am. The picture I post each day is constantly changing because I am.

Brie: My Instagram portrays the things I love…. From fashion to my fiancé to friends to food, it’s all there.

What is one word to describe your Instagram?

Claire: Colorful.

Brie: Cheerful.

What’s your best advice for someone trying to brand his or her Instagram?

Claire: I think you should brand your Instagram being yourself, because only you can do that. Nobody else is exactly like you, therefore there’s no Instagram feed that looks exactly like yours… So snap pictures of things you like.

Brie: Take good, quality photos. This includes a DSLR camera as well as good content. Instagram focuses completely on visual content, so you should make this a priority.