The Thirsty Girl’s Guide To Tumblers



Here at the studio, you’re guaranteed to find a beverage of some sort on every Bloguettes’ desk.

Call us thirsty, but a girl’s gotta drink! Especially when you live in the scorching deserts of Arizona! Throw in meetings with clients, phone calls to potential sponsors, and asking our cute interns to turn that computer just a smidge to the left for an Insta shot, and we do quite a bit of talking throughout the day.

Whether it’s a tea from AJ’s, our Bloguettes tumbler, or just a simple water bottle, a drink is never far away.

We’ve put together the thirsty girl’s guide to tumblers (and thermoses and travelers) to help keep you happy and hydrated throughout the workday!


For the Caffeine Addict

For the Tea Enthusiast

For the Photographer

For the Colorful Mason

For the Bookworm

For the Fruit Fanatic